Frequently Asked Questions

about working with Kitty & Company Interior Design

What is the value of using an interior designer, specifically Kitty & Company?

  • We bring a set of talents, skills and experience to each project that comes from many years in this profession. We also hold degrees in Interior Design, Construction Management and studies in Art.
  • We are constantly educating ourselves by attending Markets as well as seminars to stay on top of the newest trends and findings in our industry.
  • Our vision and creativity gives you a unique space for YOU.
  • We bring the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, saving you from costly and timely mistakes.
  • We can eliminate the hassle of working with contractors by doing it for you, always working to represent you and your best interests.

When you work with Kitty & Company, you will be spending time with our staff, inviting us into your spaces, and trusting us with your finances and family. Kitty & Company values this relationship, and we thank you ahead of time for putting your trust in us. We are excited to provide an exceptional experience for you, our client.

How are we unique at Kitty & Company?

We grow with our clients. We have long lasting relationships with many of our clients, designing for them as they grow and evolve into bigger, smaller, or newer spaces, vacation homes, condos and even backyard spaces, such as sheds, chicken coops, and even an Air stream for one client.

Our follow-up program is one of the hallmarks of our service. Our initial design proposal provides you with follow-up consultations as part of our design plan, after 1 year and again in 3 years, at no additional cost. We want to make sure our clients are happy in their spaces as long as they are living or working in them.

What is our design process?

  • DISCOVERY​–We approach each project with a series of interviews, starting with our initial consultation, to discover who our clients are and start to develop a vision for the unique spaces we will be designing.
  • DESIGN​–The phase we develop the design through research, site visits, sketching, and selecting finishes. The presentation to the client takes place at the end of this process.
  • DETAILS​–This process includes refining, purchase management, processing, procuring,and project management.
  • DELIVERY​–We love this part of the project and so do our clients, as they finally get to see the design elements synchronize and the visions in 3-D form.

Do we embrace a specific genre of design?

Kitty & Company does not slant towards any particular style of design, but embraces the beauty and elements of different styles. We love to create ageless environments, allowing our creativity, knowledge and the surroundings inside and out guide us through the process. Most importantly, our ultimate desire is to evoke an emotional response and a reflection of our clients.

How long will it take us to complete the design?

Each project is different. We will let you know of our availability at our first consultation, or in our proposal. We will talk with you about your desired timeline to create a workable schedule.