A Brand New World

When a foreign couple contacted me and asked me to design the American home they would soon be living in and make it move in ready, I knew I wanted to help them. Moving to a new place can be stressful and moving half way across the world to a place you’ve never been, where you know NO one can be downright scary (I’ve been there!). We wanted to make their home as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

Our task was to update, furnish and have all systems ready for this family when they arrived from overseas on New Years Eve. So for about 4 months, we planned, took care of the home and executed the design plans, shopped, set up and even prepared the tv and cable systems, the security systems, the cleaning, all remodeling and even the snow removal and yard work. When they arrived, the dishes were in place, the linens washed and put away and the beds made.It was an exhausting few months, but well worth the smiles we saw when we got to meet them.

One note of interest: They have young children and they wanted the little boy and girl to share a room for now (a BIG room) in order to not feel scared in a new home so far from the home they left. The design you see in the photos below were inspired by a rug design I found at Market that came in a boy and a girl color. So, we divided the room into his and hers with the paint and the rugs. We think it turned out perfectly, and so did the kids.

Photographer: Kitty Golding

Builder: Covenant Construction Group