Framing Artwork

Tony Truchan
Project Date: 1996 to Present
Project: Framing Artwork

I have known and worked with Kitty Golding (Kitty & Company) well over 10 years on various projects. My services I provide for her and her clients include, custom picture framing, custom mirror framing, installation of framed items at the project site, and design consultation for various framing projects. In all my years working with Kitty I have found that her attention for perfection is in high regards to her clients needs. Kitty is very thorough with her instructions and design request making my job much easier and more importantly a satisfied client. She is very pleasant to work with and has always given me ample time to achieve the project deadlines. I have a busy schedule, sometimes it prohibits me to meet at normal working hours. Kitty has always been willing to meet or talk with me during off business hours. I always look forward to a text or email from Kitty asking me for help with a project. I know that it will be an enjoyable and satisfying experience for both me and her client.