about working with Kitty & Company interior design llc


What is the value of using an interior designer, specifically K & Co?

● We bring a set of talents, skills and experience to each project that comes from  many years in this profession. We also hold degrees in Interior Design,  Construction Management and studies in Art.

● We are frequently educating ourselves by attending Markets and seminars to stay  current with trends in our industry.

● Our vision and creativity gives you a unique space for YOU.

● We bring the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, saving you from costly  and timely mistakes.

● We work jointly with contractors and represent you and your best interests.    When you work with K & Co., you will be spending time with our staff, inviting us into  your spaces, and trusting us with your finances and family. K & Co. values this
relationship, and we thank you ahead of time for putting your trust in us. We are excited  to provide an exceptional experience for you, our client.

How are we unique at Kitty & Company?  ​

Design is ultimately about people – their feelings, emotions and responses.  Our desire is to get to know you, what inspires you and find out the “why” behind the  design.

We grow with our clients. We have long lasting relationships with many of our  clients, designing for them as they grow and evolve into bigger, smaller, or newer  spaces, vacation homes, condos, office spaces and even backyard spaces.

Our Follow-up program is one of the hallmarks of our service:  Our initial design proposal provides you with follow-up consultations as part of our design  plan, after 1 year and again in 3 years, at no additional cost. We want to make sure our  clients are happy in their spaces as long as they are living or working in them.

What is our design process?

● DISCOVERY​–We approach each project with a series of interviews, starting with our  initial consultation, to discover who our clients are and start to develop a vision for the  unique spaces we will be designing.

● DESIGN​–The phase we develop the design through research, site visits, sketching, and  selecting finishes. The final presentation to the client takes place at the end of this  process.

● DETAILS​–This process includes refining, purchase management, processing, procuring,  and project management.

● DELIVERY​–We love this part of the project- and so do our clients, as they finally get to  see the design elements synchronize and the visions in 3-D form.

Do we embrace a specific genre of design?

Kitty & Company embraces the beauty and elements of different styles, but looks to  design more classical ageless environments. We love natural beauty and take cues from  nature allowing our creativity, knowledge and the surroundings inside and out guide us  through the process. Most importantly, our ultimate desire is to evoke an emotional  response and a reflection of our clients.

How long will it take us to complete the design?

Each project is different. We will let you know of our availability at our first  consultation, or in our proposal. We will talk with you about your desired timeline to  create a workable schedule.

How do we work with our clients? What are our fees? How do we  invoice?  ​

Project Fee Structure

We propose a not-to-exceed project fee, based on and calculated per our hourly rates.    Projects that warrant this would be more extensive remodels, or new home construction,   where we are working with the client over a longer period of time.    *Generally we will require a retainer and then create a monthly payment structure based   on the project amount  *Travel outside of Chelsea, MI is charged at the current mileage rates

Hourly Rate Structure

Projects are typically a shorter time frame, such as a few months or less and might be a  one room /area remodel or small addition. This could entail shopping with a client, or for  a client and purchasing new accessories or furniture, among other things.  Currently our rates are as follows:  Principal Designer – $125/hour  Senior Designer – $100/hour  Assistant Designer – $85/ hour  Administration – $75/hour  Note: Our hourly fee could change, but rates will be locked in once a contract has been  signed.  *With this scenario, we will require a retainer and invoice for the time accrued each    Month  *Travel outside of Chelsea, MI is charged at the current mileage rates

Day Rate

Our day rate is for the client who wants to use our services to do a one day or ½ day  design “make-over”. Generally it is for the client who wants to utilize their existing items  in a new way, or spend the day shopping together for new items. This includes a  pre-session phone call and then the actual day of work.   Day Rate (8 total hours, including travel) plus the 1 hour pre-session.  For the principal and a second designer: $1800.00  For only the principal designer: $1000.00
Half Day Rate (4 hours total including travel) plus the 1 hour pre-session.  For the principal and a second designer: $900.00  For only the principal designer: $500.00  *Payment is due on the day we complete the work  *Mileage fees will be invoiced if we travel over 20 miles


Consulting works best on 2-3 hour jobs such as paint color consultations, staging,  arranging furniture, or placing accessories.  Our hourly fee for these services are $150/hour and generally this work is by the principal  designer.  *Payment is due on the day we complete the work  *Travel Time is Invoiced at $60/ hour unless the job is in Chelsea, MI

Initial Meetings

A new longer term project requires an initial meeting. Generally this is on the project  site, so we can walk through the space with you, hear your thoughts, offer suggestions  and evaluate the spaces.. We do not charge our time for this meeting with you, UNLESS  you decide not to retain us. If that is the case, we will invoice you a flat fee of $250.00 for  our first meeting. This fee helps to cover our consulting time and any travel.

Does K & Co. handle the purchasing of furniture and accessories for our  project?

Being that we specialize in exclusive full scale design services, we do handle  purchasing,through our project management. We prefer to work through our  trusted vendors and manufacturers. Doing so is a benefit to our clients, as we coordinate,  schedule and handle any issues and problems that may arise. Kitty & Company sells  various lines of unique and quality furniture and accessories at discounted prices below  retail, making it an affordable option. Allowing K & Co. to manage the project, including  the purchasing, creates a more cohesive design process. If you prefer to purchase items  on your own, we will need to be made aware of this factor and discuss the various options  at our initial consultation.

Does K & Co. need to know about our client’s budget?

We will need to address your budget at our initial consultation, as it is an important  piece of the overall design – your candidacy is appreciated. It is helpful if you have  an idea of a budget, but if you don’t we can help you create a realistic one based on  our conversations. We can help you develop priorities in your budget as well if you
are not sure.

What should you expect at the final presentation?

K & Co. will prepare and present to you all the necessary plans and drawings for your  space, along with the finishes and samples for you to see and touch. The second  part of the presentation is the cost associated with the items.  If there are to be revisions those will take place before the DETAIL phase occurs.  During the presentation, we ask that all decision makers are present. We will either  meet at the client’s home or at our studio location.

Who will be working on your project?

Our design studio staff collaborates–using our various strengths to develop and  detail a beautiful space for our clients. We do have general tasks for specific  positions. Kitty does most of the space planning and major designing. Our aim is to have  you meet all of us that will be working on your project.

When can we meet with clients?

Our normal business hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays  and seasons schedules. We prefer to keep our meetings, and all communications to these  times. If schedules absolutely do not allow for this, we can make an exception to meet  outside of these times, but a higher fee will apply. We should discuss this at our first  consultation if it is a major concern.

Other Questions?

​We welcome additional questions that haven’t been answered here and have found that   a meet and greet in our studio offices is beneficial before starting the adventure of   working together on a more extensive project.