Erratic Ale Home Brew Pub

Having never designed a home brewery before, we started with research and a series of questions for our clients. We needed to design a functional home bar area that would not only accommodate brewing, adequate venting, a storage area, cleaning and serving areas, but look great for entertaining as well. The venting was a concern for the clients, so we started with that element, finding a vent that would not only look good as a center attraction, but also handle the fumes of two brew burners and kettles. The clients also knew they wanted a concrete floor, so that set the tone for the more industrial look and it developed from there.

The clients wanted to achieve two primary goals. They wanted a comfortable tap room with a rustic, industrial feel for entertaining friends and for serving our home brew. They also wanted it to be a fully functional home brewery so that we could brew indoor year-round, even in the coldest Michigan winter weather.

Both goals were achieved and the results are a very tasty home brewery!

Photograph credits: Angela Brown Photography