Ninety percent of the time, I am working inside the doors of the home – where no one can see the changes made unless they are invited to come in. For this project I was working on the other side of the door.

This design showcases that small changes make a big difference. The dilemma is the long modern ranch having two doors on the front facade, troubling guests to know which door to use. The door that should be used by guests leads to the dining and living room, while the second door leads to the kitchen and back hallway and private areas.

Our goal was to make the Main Entry look like the main entry, in a way fitting with the style of the home. We sketched a more elaborate plan than the client decided to pursue, (see rendering), but ultimately the modifications and end result are a winning front entry that welcomes guests into the right door.

Photographer: Kitty Golding

Tileworks: Tile Work Tandem