Little Crooked Lake

In 2001, I was pregnant with my 4th child and met with new clients, a husband and wife, and found they just had their first baby. They were living in an apartment, had plans for this new lake home already in motion and needed help pulling the interiors together.

The setting was a peninsula on one of our beautiful Michigan lakes…a prime piece of property that jutted out into the lake, offering clear views on three sides of the house, with a fantastic weeping willow tree right on the point of the land.

Fifteen years later, this gorgeous lake home is still a classically designed waterfront home inside and out. The design elements used have stood the test of time and trends…not only that, but I’ve kept a relationship with this client through the years, doing little things here and there…draperies, accessories etc. She is actually now my professional photographer…having not only photographed my children and family…but also my interior design projects…see her work on

Their “baby”, now a high schooler, loves to play basketball…which transitions me to her studio office and his basketball/man cave they recently built behind their home. I’ve been able to help a little bit with that fun project.